A taste

Mei saw a well presented young European lawyer at the Golf Club. He was sipping coconut water. It was easy for Mei to make his acquaintance and take him for lunch. Mei wanted to show the lawyer her home.

The lawyer was amazed by Mei’s enormous en suite bathroom and gratefully accepted the offer of a cool shower. When he had finished he found that his clothes had been removed. He called out to Mei and Mei waited a while and then let him know that his clothes were being laundered. She asked the lawyer if he wanted to play a while since his clothes would take some time to dry. The young man agreed.

Mei removed his towel and let him see her standing before him in just her pantyhose, barely there heeled sandals and a sheer nyonya kebaya. The lawyer’s physical reaction indicated considerable interest. Mei asked the man to kneel and open his mouth. She pushed a pair of soiled pantyhose in his mouth, pulled an old pantyhose over his head and tied his mouth open with a third pair. Touching the lawyer on the nose, Mei advised him that she would now call him only Dog.

Dog’s hands were tied behind his back very tightly and a choke chain slid around his neck and fastened to a hook on the back of the door. His ankles were spread apart and a rattan spreader bar tied firmly to his ankles. The man looked a little worried, so Mei kneed him quite gently to start with; just a gentle tap, tap, tap to get the blood flowing and increase sensitivity. Then she slid a blindfold on him.

Kneeing and kicking a man can last quite a long time if the lady is skilled and patient. Mei was both. She varied pace, timing and force; letting Dog buckle and groan, and then recover. Eventually, it always becomes too much and any man begins to whimper and negotiate. Dog’s noises were severely muffed by the pantyhose that filled his mouth but his eyes were very expressive. He collapsed many times and Mei patiently persuaded him to endure a little more. The man passed his own threshold of endurance and continued at Mei’s discretion.

Finally, Mei untied him and led him to an exercise bench. Dog was still gagged and blindfolded and lay down gratefully. His wrists and ankles were quickly secured to the bench. Mei slid a plug into the nearby socket and sat down fully upon Dog’s face; letting her legs dangle down each side of the bench. She slid her electric vibrator down the front of her pantyhose and secured it with a tight belt. Then she just sat.

Dog fought for every breath and this brought Mei closer and closer to climax. She groaned each time he whimpered beneath her ass. Her first orgasm was quick. Mei took a break and played a while with Dog’s nipples. Then she switched the vibrator to the second setting and continued. There were eight settings to go and it promised to be an enjoyable afternoon.


The feminine way

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A man who is not sincerely submissive is not suited to femdom, for he is not genuine. He seeks personal gratification. He is a tourist. A client. At heart, he wants to be served.

The face of modern marriage